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Planning for a Funeral Now

Planning for a funeral now

When a death occurs, the family is faced with making very important and difficult decisions in a short period of time. The family might not even know where to start or where to turn for help in the the tasks that that need to be completed and attended to. You are not alone.

The most important fact that we want you to know: We are here to help you.

Brookside Funeral Home will call the family to set up a mutual meeting time to go over:

  • Type of service or celebration of the person's life.
  • There are multiple options for families that select cremation or burial of their loved one, as a means of final disposal.
  • Choosing the setting for the service. It could be at a park, lake, beach, a favorite spot, or a traditional site (funeral home/church/burial site).
  • Do you want a religious-based traditional funeral service or a non-traditional memorial service?
  • Where is the reception or the gathering after the service?
  • Death certificate information and ordering of certified copies, where needed.
  • Social security notification and information about possible benefits.
  • Compiling information and submitting obituary and/or death notifications in local and out-of-town newspapers, including submitting photos.
  • Coordination of service details including time and place, clergy, speakers, musicians, cemeteries, special requests.
  • If cremation, options for cremated remains disposition.
  • Life insurance information.
  • Military honors and benefits.

Click here to download a Memorial Planning Guide. The guide lists information that will be covered during our arrangement conference. If the family would like to look over and fill out some of the information, that would be helpful to both you and the funeral director.

The arrangement conference will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours.

Items that the family might bring to the arrangement conference:

  • The Memorial Planning Guide, if you have it completed.
  • Clothing (all garments including underwear), glasses, if viewing is requested.
  • Photo for obituary notices and/or hair description.
  • Military records or discharge papers (DD214).
  • Items of special interest of the deceased and special to the family to be displayed during the viewing time and/or service.
  • Names of individuals to be involved with the service. i.e., clergy, pallbearers, musicians, special speakers, etc.

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