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Grover Cleveland "Butch" Jordan, Jr.

Sep 30, 1951 - Jun 4, 2017
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Grover Cleveland Jordan Jr. “Butch” left this world and released his energy, (he would want you to look up the 1st law of thermodynamics) on June 4, 2017 after yet another courageous battle with cancer.  Born to Dorothy Moore and Grover Jordan Sr. on September 30, 1951 in Nashville, TN.  Butch grew up in Colton, CA. where he attended school. He traveled and lived up and down the west coast before settling in Yakima, WA. Butch was a soldier who enlisted in the United States Army at 17 years old. He spent his 18th birthday in Vietnam. He kept the war stories to himself but he couldn’t hide the desire for adrenaline and that next big rush.

He was a jokester. As the family was sitting with him at the Cottage in the Meadow watching his breathing relax they were tempted to shout his name and if he regained consciousness tell him they just wanted to see how far he got before he had to come back. A joke he played on so many of us. Talk about a good poker face. I don’t care who you are he could convince you that your shoes are untied even if you are wearing flip-flops. When his daughter Lisa lets most of the light bulbs go out in the house he teases her, “How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb? None because she’ll have her Dad do it!” 

Although Butch couldn’t seem to teach Lisa how to do the 4-rail bank combo shot to sink the 8 ball in the side pocket, which he had been showing her how to do since she was 5 years old, he was still a good teacher, and a bit of show off.  He taught many of us that life is too short. If you want something go after it with all you got. If you’re going to do then do it right the first time. And don’t worry about aging because you’re only as old as you feel.
A hero to his family. His son “Same” needed saved countless times. Running through the yard to catch him sliding off the roof and saving his life was just another day. Let’s not forget cutting Same’s head out of the picket fence when he got it stuck or prying his mouth off a dresser knob.
Butch was a collector of stuff. All kinds of stuff, because one day someone will need a 1970 halogen street lamp and he would be the one to save the day. He also collected die because collecting a full set of dice wasn’t unique enough. He was a man with his ducks in a row. Literally speaking of course. All 57 of them. Ceramic, wood, glass etc. and they are free to a good home.
Papa, as his grandsons called him, was the first line test dummy for their wild contraptions. When Butch flew off the bike ramp they rigged together and went head first over the handle bars landing on the gravel and scratching up his hands and face, he looked down at them with blood on his chin and said, “That was fun. Your turn.” He was a great father and friend to many. An honest true friend that was always willing to help no matter how far or how big of a favor, if he could help you he would.
Butch is survived by his wife Jean Jordan, his daughter Lisa Jordan (Rodney Lambert) and his grandsons Rodney Jr. and Jessie Lambert of Yakima, WA. Also survived by his beloved dog, Gyspy, who’s love was unwavering as she endured him yelling for her countless times and waited patiently for him to find her under his belly at his feet. He’d tell you she was always getting lost under there.
Proceeded in death and reunited with both his parents and his only son, Grover Cleveland Jordan III “Same”, as well as countless friends.
The family would like to express their deepest gratitude to Tami Heneghen for her generous support once again caring for their entire family and helping lay another Jordan to rest. We will never be able to repay you for your love and support. They would also like to thank the staff at Virginia Mason Memorial’s Hospice and Cottage in the Meadow for the exceptional care we received.
Visitation will be on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 from 1-6PM at Brookside Funeral Home (500 W Prospect, Moxee, WA).  We will honor him and all he was, with Full Military Honors, at Terrace Heights Memorial Park(3001 Terrace Heights Drive Yakima, WA) on  Friday, June 9, 2017 at 3:30PM.

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